Rhonda Meadows Searcy, You Matter

26 Mar
March 26, 2013

As seen in the March 26, 2013 edition of the Red Bluff Daily News

I am willing to bet that more people know who Rhonda is more than any other You Matter that has been written. I am willing to bet that what I have to say about her will be echoed, applauded and Amen’d throughout the community, because when you think of Rhonda, you think community.
Last fall I had the pleasure to attend Rhonda’s wedding. If you went, you know exactly what I mean when I say love was in the air. Rhonda’s (oh, and Larry was there too) wedding was overflowing with the feel of love. It was oozing from every corner of the environment. The wedding was seeping with genuine authentic love. It was inspiring and gooey and warm, just the way you want a great wedding to be. Well, that and windy.
Rhonda has been in this community for a long time. I have known her nearly all of my life and we have a working relationship that has brought us closer together than ever. I like Rhonda, that isn’t hard to do- but more importantly, I respect her. Rhonda knows who she is. She knows what she stands for and she is about others before herself. She is a quintessential community member. If there were a community award, I’d vote for her.
Rhonda works for a commission that helps children and families build better lives, she helps out the Chamber of Commerce, she is a Kiwanian, she is a mom, a wife and part of a huge close-knit family that makes the best macaroni salad dish I have ever tasted. She is a loyal and engaging friend and she genuinely cares about what happens to people. She is earthy and mothering and helpful and kind. She is introspective and her wisdom allows others to be who they are without them affecting who she is.
I don’t know many things, but I do know some things for certain. There will be multitudes of people who echo the things I am saying about Rhonda and many will have things to add to what I have said. Rhonda is the real deal. She is genuine and reliable. She is the type of employee every business wants to have, the type of friend every person wants to have and we are blessed that she is driven to give of her talents in this community.
If you are one of the few people who doesn’t know Rhonda, I am willing to bet you this- you probably know her work. You see, Rhonda is the last person I know who would ever ask for attention for what she does. She is the person who makes the whole thing happen, yet never asks for credit. She is the person who takes personal pride in something well executed and requires none of the windfall. She isn’t attention seeking, she is benefit seeking. She isn’t looking to do something for her gain, but for the gain of the whole.
Be like Rhonda, be kind and gentle and solution focused. Be helpful. Be inspiring. Be willing to help someone else shine and thereby shine yourself.


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