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23 Apr
April 23, 2013

As seen in the April 23, 2013 edition of the Red Bluff Daily News

I had a wonderful experience this weekend.

I was an official judge for the rodeo parade.

Being a judge was on my bucket list of things to do in Tehama County before I move.

You see, my son is a Sophomore and after he graduates, I plan to open myself up to the possibility of living somewhere new.

Having lived in Red Bluff nearly all of my life, I have taken for granted many of the traditions we enjoy.

When you live in one place for a long time, you can easily forget that some of the activities, places and interesting attractions are unique to this area and can’t be experienced just anywhere.

I decided this year that I am going to try to find a way to participate in as many activities as I can at an interactive level and create a memory attached to the fun.

I started with the rodeo parade and I know I want to be at the author’s table this year for the Dairyville Orchard Festival and the list just seems to be growing. If you know of an event or activity to participate in, drop me an email and let me know the details.

Being a parade judge is much more work than you would believe.

We began before anyone even lined up their float, in the bar at the Elk’s Lodge.

The pancake breakfast was at full speed by the time we left to do the pre-judging. During pre-judging, participants get points for being on time and ready to show the judges what their entry is all about.

This years theme was Women of the West and some participants were great at embracing the theme.

After walking what seemed to be ten miles between 8-10 a.m. I grabbed an iced tea from Java Detour and climbed up onto the judges platform.

I was literally feeling like a kid up there.

When ever one of the participants I was responsible for judging came by, I was to stand and watch them do whatever it is that they do to make themselves stand out.

Some really made an impression. The Hart Family float and the Charro’s with the band and dancing horses were my absolute favorites, but I loved seeing people I knew go by one after another.

Being a judge at the rodeo parade was pure enjoyment. Being a part of something so Red Bluff was a great feeling of belonging.

What’s more, understanding how much work goes into something that is geared to give our town something wholesome and fun to do, makes me swell with pride.

The sheer amount of volunteers it takes to pull of fthe community events is mind boggling.

The character of the men and women who plan and execute events so others can have a great experience gives me a whole new crop of You Matter material.

My bucket list of activities to participate in is important to me.

I love having reasons to be grateful. I love challenging myself to grow, stretch and put myself out there. Being on the fringe is no way to live. Getting involved and doing things is where you see the good in others, the potential in yourself and God in other people.

I encourage you to create a bucket list of activities, actions, or goals that will enrich your life. Be, do and have things that will make you a better person and thereby make you a better life.

In a way, this column was one of my first bucket list items.

It has opened many doors for me that I never dreamed of when I started.

I can’t wait to participate in as many activities I can in the next two years.

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