Don’t Let Anxiety Get In Your Way

24 Jul
July 24, 2008

I am feeling anxious today. I am sitting here thinking to myself that there is no good reason for my anxiety, and that I need to let it go. I am typically not an anxious person, so when it comes my way, it is tough. So, I am thinking about what I can do to alleviate my anxiety and remain productive.
1. Get some rest. I have not been sleeping enough and I need to recognize that fatigue can magnify stress and reduce your ability to cope, so a nap is in order, or going to bed early.
2. Get moving. Even if you are tired and think you have no energy, you need to move your body. It sounds crazy, but revving up your engine will actually give you a burst of energy.
3. H2O. Drinking lots of water will help keep you hydrated and clear out any toxins that may be contributing to your anxiety.
4. Do something fun and distracting. If you’re worried and don’t know why, do something to get your mind off of things. A nice spa pedicure sounds very good right now.
5. Do something specific. If you are stressed about some “thing”, do something about it. Make a call, take a step, don’t run and hide from the situation.
6. Be objective. Look at your anxiety objectively. Are you making mountains out of mole hills? Are you elaborating stories in your head that are not true or logical?
Stop the negativity train before she rolls.
7. Go within. Ask your higher self to show you the reality of the situation, or at the least to give you relief from the feelings.
8. Make sure to eat (THE RIGHT AMOUNT). Do not over eat or under eat. Stress either makes you grab a cookie, or chokes off the desire to munch. Eat regular healthy meals to keep up your energy, maintain healthy body functions and stimulate your mind.
9. Go get a hug. Hugging releases the chemicals in your body responsible for feeling good. A nice long hug from someone you love, or petting an animal can release these chemicals reducing your anxiety.
10. Journal. Use this time to get out what you are thinking. Feeling anxious is spirit’s way of telling you that you are off track. Writing can help you identify what you are feeling by writing what you are thinking. Over time, if anxiety is a pattern, you can look back on your journal and look for commonalities in your mood and that can help you cope.
The point is to not let anxiety get the better of you. Listen to what your body and mind are telling you, and take action steps to make a difference. I think I am off to the spa 🙂

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