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Rescue Dogs: Claire’s Story

24 Aug
August 24, 2013

1082097_633805063305160_2122712470_n  Meet Claire Elizabeth Koenig. She is my new dog that I will meet in person for the first time on Monday. Claire is extra special to me because she has been recently rescued by human angles who saved her from certain death. She is being cared for by a wonderful woman who, by the way, trained dolphins for a living- how cool is that! She is currently a nurse and that is how this whole rescue happened.

Brooke, Claire’s Foster Mommy, had a patient in the hospital who had dogs, one of which was a newly rescued pup who had been tied to a tree  most of her puppyhood. No one interacted with her, no one fed her regularly and the means she had for water was simply water poured from a hose onto the bare ground. The neighbor/patient of Brooke’s asked the owner if they would like to be rid of the puppy and apparently the guy told her he was thinking of shooting her anyway, so she could take her if she wanted. GASPPPPPPPP

Now she was in the hospital and had no help taking care of her- enter Brooke. Brooke, who owns two rescue dogs with special needs of their own, took her hoping she would find a good home for her. Enter Tammy. Tammy is a friend of mine of Facebook. Actually her sister and I are friends and we became friends after I made my You Tube Video Being Bullied at 43  

Tammy sent me the picture of Claire above, because of this picture of Abigail safe_image.phpmy grandpuppy. She thought that It might be a good fit for our family to rescue Claire (who didn’t have a name yet)  and give her the same home as Abbie and our other pup Kattey enjoy. She was right.

After talking to Brooke and following Claire’s adventures to the vet for a health check up, we are nearing the eve of our trip to meet Brooke and bring Claire home. Brooke is driving all the way from Utah and we are meeting her in Nevada for the exchange.

I never thought of myself as a dog rescuer. I have always owned my dogs since they were weaned from their momma’s and never knew a moment other than bliss and the love of family. I am honored and blessed that Lil’ Miss Claire Bear will be a little sister to Catherine “Kattey” Koenig and an auntie to Baby Abigail Annelynn Young.

According to the vet she is 12 months old, she is a Yorkie Poo and had to be shaved because she was so matted. I can’t wait to see her in all of her cuteness when her hair returns, her heart is full and she is as spoiled as any pup of mine can be. Watch for pics and posts and follow Claire on her journey back to love.

I am a certified life coach. I give people hope. I help them cope with life’s struggles. I love to love. I am so blessed that God is helping me take my brand of love into a brand new life. Human or canine.





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