26 Mar

About Faydra

I was born in 1969 to a teen mother, who divorced two husbands by the time I was 13.  I married for the first time when I was 19, and my marriage ended shortly after our first daughter was born when my husband, a Marine, suffered a psychotic break after Desert Storm.  I was 23 when I married the second time and had another daughter.  Ten years later, that marriage ended after I learned my husband was having a long-term affair.  Although bitter, I still believed in marriage, so I picked myself up off the floor, got into therapy, and dealt with the emotional stressors being a twice-divorced, single mother of two, creates.  I met Husband #3 at age 34.  He was raising a daughter the same age as mine, all by himself.  The idea of blending our broken families sounded better than it actually was, as our girls were at the worst ages (developmentally) to come together.  So two very good people made the sensible decision to part, but our friendship remains to this day, and we are great supporters of each other.

My plan after my third divorce was to stay single and just have fun until my youngest daughter moved out, and then I planned to move away somewhere and reinvent myself.  As best laid plans tend to do, they changed when I went on a dating site, just for fun, and 24 hours later met Jim, the love of my life.  We were married on 10/10/10.

In the midst of all of this, I completed my BA degree in Psychology, earned my Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, became a Certified Life Coach and worked nearly 15 years in the mental health field.  After my second divorce, I began blogging at All About Divorce and started writing a column for the local daily newspaper.  I became a court investigator for the Superior Court, expanding my technical knowledge of the divorce process.  In my speaking, contract, and coaching practice, I became sought out for a specialty I called “Divorce Coaching,” and America’s Divorce Coach was born.

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